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Hello Jetsetters & Wanderers

Welcome to Empowered Traveler. 

My name is Khemara, and I'm a Boston-based mom who always tries to fit in travel every chance I get. 

Through my healing and self-discovery journey while on a family trip in Guatemala, I realized there’s something magical about traveling to new and foreign destinations that takes us out of our comfort zone. I love travel experiences that allow our worried, busy minds to rest, our senses to explore, and our spirits to become free. I invite you to wander to far-off worlds where no one knows your name, see the luxury in simplicity, and where time slows down just for you. While at it, maybe have a local coffee overlooking the mountains, sip fine wine while listening to slow jams, or have a margarita or two on the beach. 

Your next amazing adventure starts here!

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What I Can't Live Without

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Some Fun Stuff About My Travels

  • My favorite destination:

    • So many favorites, but would have to say Costa Rica

  • Funniest thing I did while traveling:

    • I drove through the vineyards while it Piemonte, Italy

  • The best food I've tasted:

    • Ceviche in Tulum, Sushi in St. Thomas, breakfast potatoes in Puerto Rico, and fresh milk (straight from the cow) in Guatemala​

  • The scariest thing I did while traveling:

    • A friend and I was in Bocas Del Torro, Panama and we were trying to find a hidden beach and we somehow walked into their cemetery

  • The bravest thing I did:

    • Ziplining (superman style) through the jungle of Costa Rica​

  • The most relaxing experience:

    • Lounging in the hot springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica​

  • The most tiring travel experience:

    • Hiking up the Mount Blah then realizing that the view of Blah was worth it at the top of the hike

  • The most romantic travel experience:

    • Candlelight dinner with my husband overlooking the volcanoes in Antigua, Guatemala

  • The friendliest people I met:

    • Panamanians

  • The best getaway with girlfriends

    • Montego Bay, Jamaica​

  • Favorite family friendly travel:

    • Aruba​

Questions about any of my travels? 

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